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Yoga Classes

BIKRAM YOGA: This yoga is designed to bring sick and injured bodies back to health and maintains good health to old age. This class is for anyone looking to increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress, reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce pain, decrease medication, and improve overall quality of life. Class is taught in a way that is accessible to people suffering from chronic illness, pain, limited mobility, obesity, trauma, and PTSD, but is also challenging enough for athletes and experienced yoga practitioners. All classes are 90 minutes and 105 degrees.

HATHA YOGA: Hatha Yoga is intended to be accessible to everyone, to heal the body and quiet the mind. The postures and breathing exercises in these classes all come from the same tradition as the Bikram Series. Postures are held between 10 to 60 seconds followed by a brief recovery period. These classes are a great way to learn new postures and build strength, flexibility, focus, and bodily awareness. All classes are 60 minutes and 95 degrees.

26 PLUS: 26 Plus classes include one set of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from the Bikram and adds several strengthening exercises, postures, and stretches from the same tradition. Class is 60 minutes long and 105 degrees.